Culture Shock Tips

Culture Shock

Culture shock is a phrase that gets tossed around some in missions conferences and other places, but what is it?  How do we deal with it?  We have lived in a few different cultures as missionaries, and we can testify that it is sometimes a shock.  No two cultures are exactly alike between countries.  You can even find different cultures in the same country!  We get so used to thinking our way is the only way because it’s the best way that anything different can really throw us off.

In 2015 we got to be at the missions conference of Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, IL.  We had a very good time and enjoyed some great teaching from other missionaries.  One lesson that I sat in was on culture shock. It has been a great help to me and I wanted to share it as it may be a help to others.  All credit goes to Zach Bruner, missionary in Brazil, since he was the Continue reading “Culture Shock Tips”

Anger and children

Angry Face

I was doing a few things in town earlier today and saw several adults with children. That’s not odd since school is still out over here, so you do see more kids out and about. But what bothered me was the attitude of the adults (I say adults because maybe it was a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc). They were yelling at the children, snapping at Continue reading “Anger and children”

A little bit o’ building

Elijah and I have been keeping busy in building a pulpit for a new church plant here in Debrecen. It’s been fun for us, so I thought I would share the pictures.

I want to preface this by saying that I’m not much of a builder. I made plenty of mistakes with this, BUT I ended up with all my fingers and something that looks like a pulpit, so that’s a win for me!

I did learn a lot from this, and I hope Elijah did too. If I ever get to build another pulpit it should go faster and end up nicer next time. (Click on pics to enlarge)

2017 Begins

Out with the old and in with the new. That is usually the theme that people have with the new year. They want to chunk out old habits, diets, jobs, etc and get new ones. Well we are still going along same as Continue reading “2017 Begins”

Hungary Prayer Cards

I finally got around to remaking our prayer cards. I figured we didn’t need ones for Greenland since we are now in Hungary. (^_^) I’m not a creative person, so this took me a while to finish. But they have been created, proofed, printed, shipped, and should be going out with the next prayer letter mailing.

If you receive a physical copy of our prayer letter, then you will be getting a physical prayer card. If you happen to get our letters by email, then you can use the contact form on the About Us page to let me know that you want one and where to mail it. I think there will be more than enough for anyone who wants them. You don’t even have to use them as a prayer reminder, they could be useful as scarecrows or something. (^_^)

Of course, if all you want is a digital copy to look at or print out on your own, just right click the above images and click ‘Save image as…’ and you will have it. Thanks for the prayers and support!

VBS 2016 and a birthday

VBS Games

VBS Games

I have fond memories of VBS as a kid. I don’t remember going to church very often, on occasionally, but I do remember attending VBS almost every year as a kid. Sometimes we would attend several different VBS’s over the summer. I remember hearing Bible verses, playing games, being taught lessons, and having snacks. While all the specifics are a little fuzzy (I am over 30 after all!) those memories are accompanied with Continue reading “VBS 2016 and a birthday”