Jan – March 2019 prayer letter

I forgot to post this when I sent them out a few weeks ago.

I pray that this letter finds you all well in this new year. January was a busy month for us. We spent a good part of the month in Illinois where it was quite cold. Please pray for a lady that I spoke with a few times named Allison. She works at a hotel where we stayed. She is having a rough time in her life. I took time to explain the Gospel to her and tell her of the love of Christ. She didn’t get saved that night, but I believe that the Lord is working in her heart.

Masey dealt with a couple of heath issues in late February, early March. She came down with the flu real bad. She is still a little weak, but doing better. During the same time she found a large lump on her breast, which scared us. Her doctor checked her out and ordered a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound for the next week. She had that about a week ago and is one reason this prayer letter is late. I didn’t want to send it without knowing what the lump was. We praise God that the tests showed it was just a fluid filled cyst. She has several that will be addressed in the future, but we are praising God that it wasn’t cancer!

I also delayed this letter as the Lord has been dealing with my heart concerning the ministry and I wanted to be sure I knew His will before making any decisions or announcements. I have been praying much lately concerning God’s will for our family. We had one of our busiest years in 2018 for traveling and meetings. We were able to be in many new churches and gain a few new supporters. But we were in a cycle that I didn’t understand. We would gain a church or two, and then lose the equivalent or more from other churches. After this happened several times I took notice and spent a great amount of time praying about God’s will in all of this. I believe that God was using this, among other things, as a way to get my attention and direct us in His will.

God has been dealing with my heart for a while about pastoring, but surrendering to this has been a great struggle for me. I know there is a great need for godly pastors here in the USA, but there is also such a great need in Hungary too. I didn’t want to leave a place that had such a great need, but I also know that I must follow the Lord and do His will. After seeking counsel from Bro Graham and some other godly counselors, praying much about this, seeing how God was leading in our life, and shedding many tears I believe that God has called me to stay in the USA and pastor. I am resigning as a missionary to Hungary. Please know that this decision doesn’t come from being discouraged, depressed, or quitting on God. It is a result of knowing and doing God’s will for our family.

After having peace from the Lord that this was His will, I spent some of last week contacting supporting churches to let them know about this change. I wasn’t able to reach everyone, but I didn’t want to delay this letter any further. I apologize if I haven’t been able to contact you personally. If anyone has any questions, please email me – brotherarnold@gmail.com, call me on my cell – 501.326.0326, or you can also contact our pastor, Bro Graham – 501.860.3259.

I am asking our supporting churches if they would, please continue supporting our family until the end of April. This is a time of transition for us and that would be a great help and blessing. We also still have things overseas that we would like to get back here. We had no plans of staying in the USA when we left Hungary, so much of our household and personal items are still over there. We also still have a few things in storage in Denmark that we were planning to ship to Hungary upon our return. If the Lord would lay it upon your heart to help us in getting those things brought back over here, that would be a huge blessing to us.

Please continue to pray for us. This is a big change for our family and we are leaning heavily upon the Lord during this time. God has already brought along a place for me to candidate at. As I called supporting churches, one that is in need of a pastor asked me to pray about coming. We have prayed and I am scheduled to candidate there on March 31st. Please pray for the Lord to continue to guide and direct us. Though we are excited, we are also a little scared about the unknowns.

Thank you so much for praying for us and supporting us! We have had some of the best supporting churches, for which we are forever grateful. God bless you all!

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