The city of Szeged is the third largest city in Hungary. The latest official numbers place the population at just over 161,000 people. We visited this city a few times already. It is a beautiful city that is divided by the Tisza River. We found lots of parks for the kids and plenty of restaurants to enjoy.

Szeged has the University of Szeged – a large and fairly international university (although I think Debrecen University is both larger and has more international students). The university is also the city’s biggest employer.

Pick Szeged is a sausage and paprika factory in the town with a museum. We have been to the museum, which was a nice place to look around. I’ll admit that I wasn’t too excited to go there, but Maryanna was so thrilled. She was about heartbroken when it was closed once and we couldn’t go. She still loves her Pick Szeged hat she bought there.

Religiously they are majority Catholic with 54.5% of the people claiming this. Like many places in Hungary, the second largest belief system is atheist at 21.8% and then unknown/undeclared at 13.1%. I know of only two Baptist Union churches in the town. One is an older one that seems more traditional in their worship, and a newer one that is very contemporary. Interestingly out of all the Baptist Union churches in that county, only those two have full time pastors that I could find. The older man at the older church would travel to some of the other churches in the county and fill in.

I said all that to say that Szeged is a place that very much needs Gospel preaching churches. It’s not the only place though. You can find that need in every city you go to. I can’t say that any town in Hungary has too many Gospel preaching, Bible believing churches. They may have too many churches, but are lacking in the ones that preach the Gospel and stand for the Word of God.

Click here to see several webcam views of different parts of Szeged.

Upcoming cities will be MiskolcNyíregyháza, and some smaller places like HajdúböszörményHajdúszoboszló, and Berettyóújfalu. I don’t have a particular order to the postings. I just picked Szeged at random to start with. But each of these places has plenty of people that need to hear the Word of God. Pray that God would stir hearts to preach the Gospel here and see some strong independent Baptist churches planted. Also, I probably won’t do a post for Debrecen. I have done plenty of posting about that town before.

I hope you all enjoy the picture below! God bless!

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