Furlough update

We are still alive! I have been meaning to post for a while, but things are normally busy or I’m without internet access. So far furlough has been going well. We are excited about being back in the USA and getting to present the spiritual needs of Hungary to churches. Churches have shown a positive response also. We have seen an increase in support, though we are still needing more.

Our kids are growing like weeds. Eli is catching up to me in height, with the girls closing in on Masey’s size. Eli is somewhere around 5’9″ right now. We are trying to make the most of our America time too. Of course we have had tons of travel, but we are taking time for some fun family times. We have been swimming, fishing, and even had a few first times things like snow tubing, go-karting, and laser tag. We want the kids to have good memories about furlough. (^_^)

I haven’t forgotten about doing some posts about different towns in Hungary. They will be coming soon. It will just be short posts mostly about towns we have been to (and a few we haven’t yet) that will give a few facts. Every town mentioned will be on that has a great need for the Gospel and has no independent Baptist churches.

Finally you can click here to see our updated presentation. I’m almost constantly tweaking it, but I am fairly satisfied with this version.

Thank you for your prayers for our family. God bless!

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