Almost ready


In the packing mood! ^_^ 

We are almost ready for furlough. We will soon be moved out of our apartment. We just gave away Elijah’s pet hamster. We have a van reserved in the USA, plane tickets bought, and several AirBNB reservations made. We are eager to see family and friends back in America, but also sad to say “Szia” to friends here for a while.

Please pray for us. Concerning the ministry, I am still contacting pastors and booking meetings for our year back. We are wanting to be as busy as God allows us. As a family, we are both looking forward to being in new churches and seeing folks at the churches that have faithfully supported us over the years. But, on the other side, we are eager to get through furlough and back over here to Hungary. There is a great need for Bible believing, Bible preaching, stand taking, God fearing churches and preachers here. And our desire is to start a church like that, and my desire is to be a preacher like that.

As I rode around town today I ended up in a new part that I had yet to be in. This is an area that (as far as I know) we haven’t touched with the Gospel in the almost 2 years we’ve been here. I don’t say that in a critical way. We (our family and the churches we work with) have been busy giving out tracts and John and Romans. By my guestimation we’ve helped give out around 15,000 pieces of literature in the time we’ve been here. I actually think it might be more. But there is still more to do here in Debrecen alone. On top of that, there are towns and villages outside our town. Places that are in need of a good church ministering to them. And you go further, there are still many counties in this country with no independent Baptist church. And in these counties are many cities, towns, and villages full of people that need to hear the Gospel. There is more to be done. Please pray for us.

On a different note, I’ve been considering doing some posting of different cities and towns in Hungary that we have visited, driven through, or just found on Google maps. The purpose of these would be to give a few facts about the town and the need of the Gospel there. What do you think about that? Would you be interested in reading something along those lines? Let me know your thoughts on doing some posts like that. Have a great one and God bless!

One thought on “Almost ready

  1. Yes! I would be interested in learning about other towns in your country!! Its such a beautiful place I’m happy the Lord saw fit to place yall in this location!!! 🙂


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