Almost ready


In the packing mood! ^_^ 

We are almost ready for furlough. We will soon be moved out of our apartment. We just gave away Elijah’s pet hamster. We have a van reserved in the USA, plane tickets bought, and several AirBNB reservations made. We are eager to see family and friends back in America, but also sad to say “Szia” to Continue reading “Almost ready”

Maryanna’s Birthday

Recently our sweet Maryanna had her birthday. She is such a blessing to our family. She is generally a loving, motherly type. She loves to carry around the younger kids at church and be a little momma to them. She also loves food (esp. Doritos and bean burritos), her family, her friends, and her dolls. She enjoys dressing up and styling hair too!

We are so thankful to God that she has a strong desire to do right, and to lead others into doing right also. We pray that one day she Continue reading “Maryanna’s Birthday”