Culture Shock Tips

Culture Shock

Culture shock is a phrase that gets tossed around some in missions conferences and other places, but what is it?  How do we deal with it?  We have lived in a few different cultures as missionaries, and we can testify that it is sometimes a shock.  No two cultures are exactly alike between countries.  You can even find different cultures in the same country!  We get so used to thinking our way is the only way because it’s the best way that anything different can really throw us off.

In 2015 we got to be at the missions conference of Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, IL.  We had a very good time and enjoyed some great teaching from other missionaries.  One lesson that I sat in was on culture shock. It has been a great help to me and I wanted to share it as it may be a help to others.  All credit goes to Zach Bruner, missionary in Brazil, since he was the Continue reading “Culture Shock Tips”

Anger and children

Angry Face

I was doing a few things in town earlier today and saw several adults with children. That’s not odd since school is still out over here, so you do see more kids out and about. But what bothered me was the attitude of the adults (I say adults because maybe it was a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc). They were yelling at the children, snapping at Continue reading “Anger and children”