Hungary Prayer Cards

I finally got around to remaking our prayer cards. I figured we didn’t need ones for Greenland since we are now in Hungary. (^_^) I’m not a creative person, so this took me a while to finish. But they have been created, proofed, printed, shipped, and should be going out with the next prayer letter mailing.

If you receive a physical copy of our prayer letter, then you will be getting a physical prayer card. If you happen to get our letters by email, then you can use the contact form on the About Us page to let me know that you want one and where to mail it. I think there will be more than enough for anyone who wants them. You don’t even have to use them as a prayer reminder, they could be useful as scarecrows or something. (^_^)

Of course, if all you want is a digital copy to look at or print out on your own, just right click the above images and click ‘Save image as…’ and you will have it. Thanks for the prayers and support!

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