Pastor’s visit


On the bus and tired after a busy day in Miskolc

During September our pastor, Bro. Ken Graham, and his wife were able to visit us. This was a big deal for us as it marked the first visitors we have had while on the mission field. We were nervously excited but had a great time! We were able to pass out John and Romans, we took a train to Miskolc, a town about an hour north of us, visited an old castle, got to hear Bro. Graham preach and them sing, and had great fellowship together. Oh, and we walked, and walked, and walked. We were all pretty tired from the sightseeing. (^_^)

The Grahams stayed at our house which allowed us to fellowship with them more than if they would have stayed elsewhere. We had been praying for a while that the visit would go great and it did. Can you imagine having your pastor and his wife spend a week in your house, eating your cooking, and dealing with your kids, and putting up with your quirks? God certainly blessed and we really enjoyed getting to know them better.

We weren’t sure how our kids would take to having them here, but our kids loved them. Our kids talked their ears off as they explained things about Hungary, the food, the language, travel, and anything else they could. They even called them the Hungarian for grandpa and grandma, nagypapa and nagymama. (^_^)

We were sad to see them leave, but look forward to the time when they can visit again. Maybe next time they come it we will be in a new location with a church plant going. Only the Lord knows!

I am including a few pictures below from their visit and our trip to Miskolc. Click tiles to enlarge pictures.


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